With fuel costs reaching historic highs, a lot of drivers around Hagerstown to Winchester are looking for cars that can help them spend less at the pump. But what if you didn't need to ever visit a gas station again, save perhaps for buying snacks before a road trip? Well, with the new Nissan ARIYA, you can do just that. This all-electric crossover SUV has become one of our most anticipated new Nissan models for sale in Cumberland, MD at Timbrook Nissan, and if you're looking to say goodbye to your local gas station, we'd love to show you what this innovative new EV crossover can do firsthand.

Now, there's lots to love about the new Nissan ARIYA, but perhaps the most striking thing about it is that it doesn't look like many other EVs on the market today. Many of its competitors have been criticized, and rightly so, for their overwrought design which distinguishes them from conventionally powered cars, but often feels a bit quirky. By comparison, the new Nissan ARIYA adheres to the already strong design fundamentals with a futuristic take on the classic Nissan V-Motion front grille flanked by eye-catching new LED headlamps. From the profile, a single unifying body character line slashes from the front fender the rearmost quarter panel, contrasting neatly with a smooth contour to the lower portion of the doors that gives the whole vehicle a clean yet emotive overall feel.

But the new Nissan ARIYA isn't just more stylish than many of its EV competitors, it's also more capable overall. With up to an EPA-estimated 265 miles of all-electric range, the new Nissan ARIYA is well-equipped to alleviate any lingering "range anxiety" that might keep drivers from Johnstown, MD to Bedford, PA from buying or leasing an EV like this one. Plus, with DC Fast Charge capability, the new Nissan ARIYA is able to charge from 10-percent to 80-percent battery capacity in as little as 45 minutes, so you won't be waiting around for your vehicle to charge for long.

However, if you think that zero-emissions driving efficiency is all that the new Nissan ARIYA brings to the table, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by just how dynamic this EV can be on the open road. With up to 389 horsepower, e-4ORCE advanced AWD, and the innately smooth acceleration and ride quality that's endemic to EVs like the new Nissan ARIYA, this crossover is well-outfitted for those who want both comfort and dynamism in equal measure.

On top of those appealing qualities, the new Nissan ARIYA is easily one of the most cutting edge new EVs on the market. With smart safety technologies like ProPILOT 2.0, ProPILOT Park that can help you parallel and reverse perpendicular park in in busy cities and crowded parking structures, and even futuristic accents like seamless haptic controls for the climate control system embedded in the wood veneer trim of the center stack, the new Nissan ARIYA is likely one of the most forward-thinking new EVs on the market here in Cumberland, MD.

Want to be among the first in the area to take the new Nissan ARIYA for a test drive? Feel free to get in touch with us here at Timbrook Nissan to learn more about how you can pre-order your new Nissan ARIYA today.

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