The Nissan GT-R has always been a prime example of automotive engineering. The upcoming 2024 model boasts a handful of mechanical updates that set it apart from its predecessors. The new Nissan GT-R near Hagerstown features a unique set of lightweight wheels made from forged aluminum. The wheels provide superior grip during hard turns and are also more durable than most other wheel options. In addition, carbon-fiber elements have been added to the exterior body of the vehicle.

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What's New?

The Nissan GT-R has been updated to include a revised exhaust system. The new Y-design also offers improved heat management, allowing drivers to keep the engine cooler during intense driving conditions. The Nismo model now comes with a front limited-slip differential which helps eliminate wheel spin during acceleration. The Nissan GT-R features a completely redesigned front and rear, giving the vehicle a more modern sport look that turns heads around Johnstown, MD and beyond.

Trim Levels

Drivers can expect to find the all-new Nissan GT-R available in three exclusive trim levels, including the Premium, Nismo, and T-Spec.


Under the hood, the new Nissan GT-R features a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that powers the NISMO with 600 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque. The Premium model and the T-Spec get 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque. The Nissan GT-R has carbon-ceramic brakes, which allow for maximum braking force. The brake system is exceptionally light and allows the vehicle to stop when pushed to its limits. The vehicle dynamic control system helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle on the roads ahead. The system's sensors monitor acceleration, braking, and yaw rate to help keep the vehicle stable and on track.

The new Nissan GT-R has an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system that helps deliver power to the wheels equally. The system also automatically adjusts the power settings for different terrain and weather conditions, making it ideal for driving on both city roads and off the beaten path.

Interior Features

The interior of the Nissan GT-R has been refreshed for the new model year. A 12-inch touchscreen display sits at the front of the dashboard and is integrated with a custom infotainment system. The Recaro seats with synthetic-suede inserts provide a comfortable and supportive seating position for the occupants. The seats are heated and cooled, allowing drivers to stay comfortable on longer journeys.

The Nissan GT-R also features active noise cancellation technology, which works to reduce road noise and engine vibrations. The cabin features a dual-zone climate control system, allowing drivers to raise or lower the temperature for both driver and passenger, depending on their preference.

Exterior Features

The thin lattice on the grille's mesh increases airflow while reducing drag, making the vehicle more aerodynamic. The reshaped hood vents and side skirts further reduce turbulence around the car's body, improving its overall performance. The rear bumper is also fitted with an integrated diffuser to improve downforce. The new Nissan GT-R features a unique quad taillight design that illuminates the rear of the car with a modern look. The lens is designed to increase light output, allowing drivers to see better on roads ahead.

Safety Features

The Nissan GT-R comes with a rearview camera to help drivers see what's behind them. The camera has an enhanced night vision feature that helps illuminate dark areas. The automatic emergency braking system helps reduce the chance of a collision with other vehicles or obstacles on the road. The Nissan GT-R also comes with a traction control system that keeps the vehicle stable by minimizing wheel spin.

The side curtain and knee airbags help protect occupants in case of an accident. The new Nissan GT-R features advanced airbag technology that monitors the pressure, speed, and position of the vehicle to deploy the airbags at the right time.

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